Life Groups

Sundays at 9:00 AM

What's a Life Group? It's Bible study in a group setting. No lectures, just a group of adults gathered together to discuss the Bible and how it connects to our lives. Every six weeks, the groups launch a new study, but the studies are designed so that guests can participate at any time.

We have no hard-and-fast rules about which group you're in, but they generally break down this way:

  • Young Adults - led by Lynn Pryor
  • Young Families - led by Steve Durham
  • Empty Nesters - led by Tracey Edwards
  • Older Adults - led by Richard Sinner
  • Senior Adults - led by Mary Craig

Mid-week Bible Study

Wednesdays at 6:30 PM

On Wednesday nights, a group of adults engages in an in-depth study of the Bible. Currently, the group is studying a survey of the New Testament. Guests are welcome to join the group at any point.

Men's MinistrY

The Sunset Hills Men's Ministry exists to provide an opportunity for men to help each other in their daily lives and their walk with God. This summer, the Men's Ministry will host several special events. For more information, download the latest Men's Ministry newsletter here.

Watch the Men's Ministry Retreat ideo

Friday Friends

Friday Friends is a group of Christian women who meet on the last Friday of each month. The group's mission is to support and encourage the needs of the church. Friday Friends visits shut-ins, provides lunch for people as needed, creates goodie bags to give away on occasions, and always supports the church in prayer.