Life Groups

Sundays at 9:00 AM

What's a Life Group? It's Bible study in a group setting. No lectures, just a group of adults gathered together to discuss the Bible and how it connects to our lives. Every six weeks, the groups launch a new study, but the studies are designed so that guests can participate at any time.

We have no hard-and-fast rules about which group you're in, but they generally break down this way:

  • Adults of All Ages - led by Lindsay Guenther
  • Young Families - led by Steve Durham
  • Empty Nesters - led by Tracey Edwards
  • Older Adults - led by Richard Sinner
  • Senior Adults - led by Mary Craig

Mid-week Bible Study

Wednesdays at 6:30 PM

On Wednesday nights, a group of adults engages in an in-depth study of the Bible. Currently, the group is studying a survey of the New Testament. Guests are welcome to join the group at any point.

Friday Friends

Friday Friends is a group of Christian women who meet on the last Friday of each month. The group's mission is to support and encourage the needs of the church. Friday Friends visits shut-ins, provides lunch for people as needed, creates goodie bags to give away on occasions, and always supports the church in prayer.